Conrad Moritz Reinhardt

Conrad Reinhardt, born in Berlin, Germany, currently lives and works in Berlin and Vienna, Austria. Following an education in classical singing at the prestigious Conservatorium in Berlin, Conrad Reinhardt went on to receive an MFA in scenography for opera, theater and film from University of Fine Arts (Universität für angewandte Kunst) in Vienna in 2011, studying with the internationally renowned Prof. Bernhard Kleber.

His work encompasses Set-designs for advertising, music-videos, feature film movies, television series, as well as stage and opera productions. Most recent projects include the „SOMMERHÄUSER“ for which director Sonja Kröner received the „best movie price“ at Filmfest Munich, and the „NEVRLAND“ for which he is nominated for best production design. Other projects include the international production of Troubadour for the Staatsoper Berlin  with director Philipp Stölzl and for the famous „Spuren des Bösen“ -series  in 2018 and 2019 .

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